Request for meteorological observations

My dear Sir,

This letter will be sent to you by Mr QUETELET, the chief astronomer of the Netherland. This gentleman takes great interest in meteorological researches, and I cannot direct him to anyone who knows so much about it as you do. Knowing your kindness I hope than [sic] you would communicate to my friend, Mr QUETELET, anythink [sic] which he may wish of your meteorological observations.

If Dr TOOD [TODD] is with you, I hope than [sic] he would be also so kind as to giving [sic] the informations which Mr QUETELET may require.

Retour à Bruxelles, instruments, observations hygrométriques

[note moderne au crayon] 017
N° 21

La Haÿe, ce 5 Novembre 1827

Monsieur Quetelet
à Bruxelles

J'ai appris avec plaisir votre retour à Bruxelles. Agréez mes félicitations au sujet des resultats satisfaisants de votre voÿage; je ne doute point qu'ils n'aÿent les suites les plus heureuses pour l'étude de l'astronomie dans ce paÿs-ci.


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